Once In A Corona-Time

social distance

The coronavirus has given all of us a once in a lifetime opportunity. The children are lying on their couches watching the television without the slightest sense of fear that they have tons of homework to complete.

The middle-aged people are working from home, away from the nerve racking supervision of their not-so-desirable bosses, the busy parents can work and look after their children at the same time and the old ones are enjoying the company of their family. Now if everyone is getting what he or she wants, then why are we complaining? It’s not every day that the governments forcefully order their citizens to stay at home, chill, watch the television and save the world at the same time. Everyone in this entire planet is getting to experience the ideal situation which they always dream about and yearn to enjoy.

However, in spite of all the wishes coming true, we are not happy, we are not satisfied. It is sad that even when we are getting almost everything which we desire, we are not content. Instead of enjoying our utmost, we are wasting this golden opportunity by condemning the captivity and the time which we have now.

We are failing to realise that while we are blessed to have a roof above our heads, food to eat, clean water to drink, clean clothes to wear and various means of spending our abundant time, there are a huge number of people in the world who do not even have a single thing with them. They are forced to sleep on the streets, go hungry and thirsty for days and over exhaust themselves while trying to reach their homes on foot. When we cannot help the ones in need, we should stop criticizing all the luxuries we have and be glad and grateful for what we have right now. So instead of condemning, start helping.

We all are in this together and we will not let the virus apocalypse divide or destroy us. Yes, the coronavirus is overwhelming for most of us and we constantly live in the fear of testing positive.

While the fear cannot be deemed as irrational, making a huge deal of it has resulted in many people going into depression and nobody wants to waste and give up a magnificent once in a corona-time opportunity. Let’s make the most of our time and do things which we always wanted to do but within the boundaries of our lovely homes. Let’s fight the corona, stay at home, support the corona positive people, the doctors, the medical caretakers, the governments and most importantly let’s support ourselves

In the end, just Keep Calm for It’s not everyday that the entire world is under Lockdown.