The opinion of the young

People talking

Young people are the ones that will take the responsibility of guiding the world into a new one. There are a lot of things to change, and these changes will be done by their generation. Young people should start deciding certain things that will affect them in the future. This is why they should start making decisions and helping adults with their perspective, they do this in certain places, such as, in the UN. But, in a lot of other places they are not able to help and give their opinion.

In my opinion, we, the young, should have certain rights for taking decisions. And that is what I am proposing here. I think there should be a way in which we can ensure that we will be giving our opinion and helping others. The opinion of the young could be used to see how the future will be. Because if adults listen their opinion on certain topics, they can know how the young will treat certain problems in the future and see other perspectives.

I think that the mixture of views is something very helpful because this variety on opinions to determine which of them is the one that applies more to the issue. The variety is important, It doesn't matter if the person is adult or not. What really matters is that everyone should be able to give their point of view.

Francisco Simón Errecart 

Buenos Aires, Argentina.