Our dear friend

A beach with white sand, cyan water, and the sun setting in the back.

This is a poem I wrote for a school assignment and one of my teachers suggested sharing it! So here it is.



Transparent and translucent shapes

pollute the sandy plains like,

splotches of paint on pure canvas.

Wings, once flying,

now dying.

Trapped in plastic’s chokehold,

they cannot escape.

We, the children,


The waves who once watched me grow,

the seas that used to caress me tightly,

now flooded in scarlet fury.

Azure sea howls and roars,

vicious, vexed, violent.

Deep blue devours

chunks of grainy sand

like ruthless predators attacking prey.

She’s a cold-blooded thief for sure,

head to toe in cobalt aqua,

stealing the treasured banks,

leaving nothing to spare for us,

children who used to frolic and dance

in the sunlight’s gentle glare.

Once pristine and fresh,

now, dirtied muddy, and old.

We, the children,

gather and watch

as our glorious shores

become no more.


We watch as

the thieve-like waves rob

our lands of sun-kissed glee and gold.

The memories that once flourished

like flowers in new bloom


the stories that we etched into sandy plains

while glowing in our youth

all replaced with dull and gloom.

I miss her.

I miss the deep blue who once wrapped me

in her gentle embrace.

I miss the softness

and fragility of grain against

bare feet.

Fabrics of smoky grey and murk

now drape above the play-space we used to run,

the forsaken place where we watched the seasons change.

The glisten and gleam of deep azure seas,

and the smiles that the sea and me

used to exchange,

all just a distant memory.

The deep azure sea now livid-


She snarls at us who used to await her company.

She snarls at broken promises, 

to keep her safe.

She snarls at us who ultimately destroyed her,

with the transparent



we decorated her ocean waves in.

Our dear friend-

a monster.



As we watch

the seasons change,

we bid our solemn goodbyes

to the play-space we used to run,

while dancing and,

glowing in our youth.

We bid goodbye to the

new memories that could have bloomed.

We bid goodbye to the

new stories that we could have etched

into those lands of sun-kissed glee and gold.

For nothing now can stop the deep blue thieves

and their execrable heist

upon our cherished land.

For nothing now can stop the plastic

and its murderous spree

upon once cherished life.

Squawks of gull wings come to cease.

The laughter of tiny workers

as they build their brittle fortresses

upon the sandy plains, 


My childhood,

the hours I spent in the sea’s embrace

my youth,


It is all gone now.



were too