Our Future, Our Decision

The futuristic earth

Planet Earth is not dying, humanity is. Planet Earth has survived for 4.5 billion years and it will survive even after the end of humanity. If we want humanity to survive we have to make things right. We have to make change happen.

In today’s world everyone deserves to voice their thoughts and opinions, including us, the youth. Our futures are already dark and are getting darker by the minute. We have to save ourselves, we have to now decide how our futures are going to be and we have to do it fast before someone else makes this decision for us! Young people have the brilliant ideas, the ideal creativity and great energy to shape a better planet and they can make change happen!

Change starts from home and even the smallest changes make differences. We will begin by reducing our own family’s carbon footprints and also by recycling all of our waste. We will also try using more sustainable energy. Even the smallest things like making sure we do not keep the tap running for too long will make a difference. There after we have to start thinking bigger like volunteering in local animal shelters, NGOs or even do some conservation work and make a slightly bigger impact. Hopefully even inspire our neighbours, relatives and close friends to do the same. We can even ask our families to help us rescue animals or symbolically adopt endangered species.

However doing all of this would only make a bit of an impact. So to step it up we are going to ask our friends and the people around us to help us make change because the more the people there are the stronger our voice is going to be, nothing great was ever achieved alone! We have to bring together friends from all different communities and pasts, who have different interests and newer perspectives. Each one of us can talk to our schools who can then host youth summits and invite other schools to join, this way many hundreds of children can be involved maybe even some who have a voice but have not been able to reach out to anyone or channel it in the right way

Surveys show that nearly seventy five percent of today’s teenagers are active on at least any one of the social media platforms. We can put these accounts to good use by channelling our thoughts and perspectives through it. We can make videos, post pictures of our work and initiatives that we have taken or are going to take to improve the conditions in today’s world; we can share our story and hope to inspire the audience to do what we have been doing. People who are not interested in doing something large scale can also help by signing petitions made by us. Young aspiring writers out there can start blogging about their concerns and various different things they think we can do to solve those issues. The young scientists out there can use their scientific thinking and creativity to create small low cost sustainable energy sources. We can take initiatives to educate the less fortunate and the uneducated populations we can reach out and inform them about the forthcoming. We can then join student protests in our local areas or even go abroad to join protests and interact then speak up to an even bigger audience.

 “We showed that we are united and that we, young people, are unstoppable”- Greta Thunberg.

We are fearless, brave, impetuous, dynamic, and self-confident. Our minds are our greatest assets, we are full of hope and through our innovation and imagination we are determined problem solvers, we have great potential and we can generate a positive social and environmental change in this world. We are each other’s greatest allies and together we will win and make our futures brighter and make this planet a better place to live in!