Our Responsibility For A Healthy Earth

People helping out others, doing exercise and expressing gratitude, surrounding a yogi who is a brain, a heart and body as the Earth.

How can we maintain mental health and wellbeing post COVID-19? I hope my poem reaches everyone. :) 


Open your eyes as the Sun rise,

"Meditate", whispers the angel on one side,

"How??" Angrily on the other side, the Devil cries.


Ok. So freshen up and take the easiest yoga pose

Yeah, for first timers it's difficult

But try and see how fast and away the devil goes!


Now there are always some people complaining about

"Oh! With so many weird thoughts hovering in

Can I ever meditate? I doubt!"


For them too I have something to say

Keep the pose, yes, the yogi one,

And think what good you can do today.


Help others, express gratitude and give a hug.

Don't forget about your body too,

For inside its own system, even a computer hates a bug!


Yesterday was a bad day, let's put aside yesterday's fight,

Though never should you forget it

All the experiences you gathered along, you must hold on tight!