Our voice

Anti-gun posters scattered along the ground around 500.

Living in a world with the agony of not being proud of the current face of my country is like living in misery. Keeping my mouth shut during this time of pain is unbearable. I have lived with this big mouth for my entire life, but it never caused pain like now.

Whenever I open my mouth I am told to close it. Words I could think of as a complement are suddenly used to stab me in the back, it's almost like self-inflicted pain. I feel diminished to be a woman, where being a woman can be used to insult me.

I have shirts like Love is Love, Or Students Lives Matter but what is the point in wearing them if I will get bullied along with it? The political state of my country has caused women to feel inferior to men on a level never established before.

As a young adult, I raise my voice, I protest, I call, I write, I do anything I can to use my voice. Still, you don’t know how many times I have been practically been spit in the face. I have seen the corruptness of politicians firsthand like I am just a number.

So I ask you, please use your voice to end this agony, to end this pain, and to end the pain of waking up in this misery. Use your voice for those who can’t. Use your voice who those who don’t have one. Please.


United States of America