The over-shoot DAY!

Earth getting squeezed into juice, visual representation of the running out of resources.

Over shoot Day. Earth's over-shoot day, is the time when the world's population has used the maximum amount of resources it can use on the planet for the year. This event occurred on August 22 2020. Humanity has used as much of the world's resources that we can sustainably use in a year. Basically, we have surpassed our goal for the year and now are starting to use excess amount of the Earth's resources. And guess what it's just August.

Hence, this milestone is called an over-shoot Day.

You might believe that quarantine is helping the planet, humans staying inside, limiting the use of cars and restricting the use of fossil fuels, "helping" the environment, what its really doing is a whole different story. Forests are being cut down in sweeping amounts, fisheries are being overused, farming is hurting the planet more than ever, and the atmosphere has never been so full of carbon dioxide. We have been reaching the over-shoot day earlier and earlier each year, since the 1970s.

After the quarantine comes to an end, the fast world will arise again, this will bring a decay to the history of climate change. Such a noticeable change in the atmosphere, from clear skies to dark clouds hovering over our cities, from chirping birds to loud obnoxious sounds of traffic, from animals roaming freely to their verge of extinction. Is this what we want? The shoot up in temperature and pollution. To live in a world where the temperature is as hot as the boiling point of water, to live in a world where we are the only beings, to live in a world where we have no clean water to drink, to live in a world where we have to carry oxygen tanks around in order to stay alive. I don't.

"The world is what we have in common" So can we as human beings help the innocent animals from dying? Can we co-exist happily together? Where we don't invade their place and don't cut their homes down. Can we once change something for good? Can this catastrophe of the over-shoot day come to an end? It can. Because we can.


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