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This life is about packaging!

Your package explains your personality before your content. Many people work on their content forgetting their container {package} which gives the first impression about them.

Many a times we are called what we are not, because of our package. Sometime ago, I remember sharing flyers for a conference around a bank and I walked up to a guy who some boys had gone to beg from. Before I could say a word the guy told me "I'm sorry I have no money to give you". 

Funny right, the statement of the guy left me thinking. I didn't go to the guy to beg but I appeared as a beggar because I wore an armless vest which was already fading, a jersey short and a dollop slipper which gave the guy the impression of me coming to beg. 

I also remember the day I went to make enquires about something all dripping and everyone including the boss was all over me. Lol 

Lesson 1: The way your package looks is the way you would be addressed and the respect you will attract.
The uniqueness of your package determines your return. Everyone wants to try something that looks new in the market. The content might not be different from other existing products but with a creative and unique package everyone would want to try it. Sometime ago, I remember seeing people most often with a particular brand of bottle water and based on my studies I discovered they all were getting the brand because of the bottle cap that could be used as a cup (uniqueness of their package).

Lesson 2: The creativity and uniqueness of your package determines your profit.

Note: Your package is your identity and the creativity of your package singles you out from others