A page ready to be filled

A page with a yellow like sun that says a page ready to be filled

A page ready to be filled, history ready to be made

Write as you will

Because education is everything, improvement needs to be made

For some education is gold

But what if that gold was limited or restrained

What if that gold was restrained because of gender inequality 

Because of ones pride and satisfaction

A page ready to be filled

A page that still hasn't been filled for decades

A page that has been written on, but has never been completed

A page that has a decent beginning but not a marvelous ending 

So write as you will

Write until the page is filled 

Write until history is made 

Write until there's no more space

Write until the page that was once blank is filled with achievements 

Don't just speak up write it down, fill the page and blossom 

United States of America