The pandemic, The lockdown, The anxieties

A picture i took of the clear sky during lockdown
Being exposed to nature dominated open spaces relieves anxiety and stress for many people, to a point where therapists have now started inculcating factors of nature as calming agents during sessions.

India is the land of abundant culture and the beauty of it intensifies when the various cultures come together and create a state of balance. The Coronavirus outbreak took over the world and a series of unfortunate events followed. Healthcare systems crashed, ropes of finance strangled many, loved ones were lost and the devastating list goes on endlessly. Regular and methodical monitoring of one’s mental health during these times has become curtail since gone are the days when you could simply hop onto the streets and keep yourself occupied and eventually supress what disrupted you, which I believe is a very unhealthy way to deal with yourself in the first place. Now, we are left just with our convictions and from personal experience I can tell you, they amplify for sure. Personal accounts from people of the ages 16-45 provides a concrete ground to talk about rising anxieties during the pandemic. People are more anxious and overthink every small decision they have to take, more screen time because of increased social media usage has led to not only deteriorated health and sleep but it has also hurt many right in the core of their self-esteem. No wonder the pressure of “a perfect life” has got to us.

As a student of psychology I feel it is of great significance for us to be able to monitor and regulate our emotions and thoughts, to align our ideal selves with our real selves and take care of our mental wellbeing as much as we are of our physical wellbeing. A warm cup of coffee in your balcony, a great book with a fuzzy blanket, quality time with yourself and your family, painting, music, meditation, cuddling with your pet and so much more can be the idea of “comfort” for one. You just have to figure out what YOUR cup of warm coffee. I urge you all to take out at least half an hour for yourself every day where nobody else or no other thing matters and there’s no pressure of deadlines, meeting expectations, pleasing others around you or even being a certain way. Call it a “safe space” for you with your authentic self and tell yourself that no matter how hard it might get you’re always going to show up for you. Stress and bogus has become a part of our lives over time in such a way that we humans, the smartest species, have managed to mould our personalities around it and have adapted an avoidance oriented approach that assists us to cope with our day to day life. Now is the time we give that up as the past few months have elucidated it very well that life is short and surely uncertain , its time we surrender to our authenticity .The whole secret of existence is to have no fear of acceptance.