Paper and pen (or pencil) : My soulmates

A girl writting

Sometimes I feel so alone. I have something that I want to share with someone, but I can't find anyone. Then I take a white paper and pen (or pencil), and pour my heart into that. It can be irrelevant. It can be my thoughts, or simply something which is going in my head. It can be song lyrics, or a memory, or anything. And after writing or doodling it down, I feel a bit lighthearted. 

There is a place where I can always open myself up and share everything, my emotions, my pains, my thoughts. That place is my diary. When I write diary, I feel like I do have a friend who is always there for me. Who will always be there to listen to me. To whom I can open up without hesitating. It feels like a silent friend. 

People usually capture memories by taking pictures, but I capture memories by writing them down. I keep the moments that touch my hearts in black and white, and I can go through them day after day.

By writing, I feel like I can capture the time. When I go through them, feels like the time is back again. It reminds me how I was and the environment around me was back then.

I have been writing short stories since 2018. Those stories are full of emotions and memories. I have almost no readers of them. Still, I write stories. I write them for me. 

When I first started blogging, I thought I was doing it for me. I started it to express myself, to share my stories. But as time passes, I realize that I am doing it not only for me but also the other youngsters who are like me and going through same things as me. I feel like I can help someone and comfort someone by my writings. I feel like I can shine my light. I can connect with other people by writing so easily. Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves. My way of expressing myself is writing. I have found my voice by writing. 

My writings are reflections of my soul. It doesn’t matter whether people like it or not. They are always dear to me. Because they are just a part of me. They define me. They reflect who I really am. As an introvert, I feel more comfortable while writing than talking.

Deep inside I always want to be a writer. Not that type of writer who is popular and publish books every year, I want to be a person who will always be able to write her heart out no matter what. Even if there is no reader, I will keep writing.