Peace: It's Importance to us!


What is Peace?

Peace itself is a very beautiful and a powerful word. Peace simply means being in a place, where no hatred exists and every corner is filled with love, care and respect; where conflicts are handled peacefully.


Peace is a Human Right and it's a Right for Everyone!


Why Peace is so important?


As peace is a basic human right, it is very, very important that we are have peace in all the possible aspects.

For example, peace in policymaking processes, peaceful diplomatic relations with other nations etc.


Should we add Peace Education to our education system?


Well, yes, we should add Peace Education to our education system as well. It is very important for everyone to know the need for Peace as well as its importance.


Peace is a very important topic for everyone to know about, that is why, We all celebrate World Peace Day on 21st September every year! 




To end violence, we need peace!
-Priyanka Chakraborty