Peaceful and safe


    Let's take our time to think about the planet we live in, about this generation and the next generation, to figure out what it's like if there's no war, harassment, misery, revenge, violence, and any other such things. At the edge of my thoughts I pondered on how it felt to live in a peaceful and safe place. Safe; is that what we want in our lives? Indeed. Then what if that hope is gone? What's next? My choice is keep going. Keep moving, keep living this life with some great new ideas. Don't be afraid, we have God. More precisely; God has created us.

    Afterward, my thoughts moved as fast as eyes can blink. Why are we here, from one generation to the next generation? You've already known the answer, haven't you? Let me eat? To be the best human being? Or to have fun? All of those guesses may or may not be wrong, but from the bottom of your heart, you must admit they are true even though you're not 100% sure. Because you know, we all are going through those things, right? But that's not the point. The point is we are created to keep this world, to have galaxies stand still and be useful. This world is a safe place for us to live, or at least it used to be. But have you noticed, we live in it and we change something that we think is a good decision, but after that we protest when something changes. Tragic. The world used to be a place for us to live with peace and safety.

   Let's take a small example, school. The first thing that comes to my mind is learning. Yes, I do learn there, but that's not what real school is for me. On the other hand, school is a place. Just a place to go and look for scores because nowadays people praise scores more than what they really get from learning in school (I don't know if it is only happening in my country or not) and honestly I want to change that assumption. Also it's just a place filled with people that I'm required to be with. And sometimes, this place makes me feels unsafe. I want to be safe in school. Everyone does. But in truth, it is not what I've expected. Many friends make me happy and comfortable, but some invisible students makes me uncomfortable and unsafe with their visible actions. Does anyone feel it too? I'm sure dozens of you have felt this. Calm down, I'm not talking about ghosts or those 'invisible creatures', it's humans. I want school to be a safe place for people in it, notably students.

    Honestly, when writing this, my mind was everywhere. Trying to clear all the things that screw up my memories. Then I found peace in my mind. What came to my mind was safety. I want nothing for everyone, but safety. Yes, I want to make sure people are safe. It's hard to keep this for a long time, but I just want everyone to realize that it's important to have each others backs. Exactly, we need safety. A safe place for us to carry out human social roles.

    Somehow I realize we have different sides of life; positive and negative sides. It should be balanced. Once I felt that if there were no adverse things in life, then there were no positive things. Everything would go flat. These two things are interconnected. But, there is no harm if we try to uphold the rights/truth and maintain peace with each other. The results will not be perfectly successful, because no one can fight God's destiny. The destiny that I am talking about here are things we don't want to happen, but must, such as war, chaos, and such things.

    Please tell yourself that we will not give up to make our home; this world, a safe place to live. I believe, each of you have different opinions from me. That's okay. Pour it out on your social media, website, school's wall magazine or wherever it is. Trust me, you will get a better feeling than keeping it by yourself ♡


With love,