The Penguins' Voice

A penguin holding the Earth in its arms lovingly.
This is a piece partially inspired by the very talented @/aidazamorailustracion so check her out!

Hello, I'm Muskaan and I hope to educate people around me on issues related to the environment and also some ways in which any ordinary human being can contribute! I love drawing and to see more of me, check out my IG account @muskaancreatesart

As many of you probably know, from tigers in Asia to polar bears in the Arctic, climate change is having a catastrophic impact on animals all around the world. One of the most endangered animals are penguins, specifically the Northern Rockhopper Penguin. The Northern Rockhopper Penguin lives in the South Atlantic Ocean. Sadly, in the last 70 years, their population has declined by 90% as a result of a plethora of threats such as climate change and over fishing. Commercial fishing in the Southern Ocean can force many penguin species to compete for the fish they eat, which more often than not leads to accidental capture and drowning in fishing nets. 

Some mundane ways in which you can help save these adorable creatures are by eating seafood only which comes from well maintained and managed fisheries, by cutting down on plastic and most importantly, educating others around you! 

Thank you for reading all of this, I hope I inspired some of you to research more about your surroundings. Until next time :)

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