People are in a Rush

The image depicts how people are in a rush.

We must realise, that people around us are so desperate, that they think being in a relationship could save them from all the bad thoughts, sadness and loneliness. These people, at the same time, have a misconception about the terms “relationship” and “love”.

Well, according to these people, being in a “relationship” with someone whom they “love” is the only way through which they could find happiness and could overcome all their anxiety. And hence, because of this misconception, these people are in a rush to be with someone who could be with them 24*7 and could validate their existence. Funny, right?

These people are honestly the ones who could settle for someone who does not even understand them, care for them, and actually love them. Let me ask you all now. Why couldn’t we be happy with ourselves, validate our own existence, and love ourselves with the way we are, imperfectly perfect? Why is it that we want someone else to tell us that we’re good? Why couldn’t we say “I’m great” to ourselves after looking right in the mirror?

Well, this is the twenty-first century, and we all must learn to love ourselves and be happy. We all must learn to complete ourselves, because only we could find our own lost pieces and not someone else. At the same time, we must realise and understand the importance of some sacred terms such as “relationships” and “love”.