Perpetual Summer Sunsets

Vanilla Sky

Sometimes in life we don’t want to face reality. Like in the classic movie with Tom Cruise, Vanilla Sky where the main character is disfigured. He can’t live with himself and escapes from reality using, medication and eventually opts to be frozen, until he is ready to “face the world” with his perfect face again. 

Many Gen Z want to escape tribulations, trials, trauma... through drugs abuse💉 , alcohol abuse🍷 and through other vices that make them feel more in control of their lives but it’s only for a short time; then eventually they end up feeling helpless and in a worse off state. 

I used the analogy of this movie because Monet’s painting of The Seine at Argenteuil is referred to has Vanilla Sky by the main character; (which in the movie belonged to his mother - hence it would be held dear, it’s also something tangible, since she is no more). This painting is used as a metaphor for a life free of suffering where he is surrounded with the warmth of an eternal sunset with all last bits of the sun’s ☀️ warm beautiful colours. The warmth of love. It’s a happy, comfort zone for him. 

All paintings are a snap of one image in time. A moment. Unlike a movie which always moves forward a painting is still. The colours in the artwork encapsulates a form of relief, comfort and almost transcends into a temporary fantasy world. 

In reality dear friends, we need to face our fears and live in the now. Yes indeed appreciate all our sunsets 🌅 and sunrises, but don’t get lost in a world that doesn’t exist. We need to be strong and express yourself in positive ways that helps our lives.

Life is not fair most times but we are all fearfully and magnificently made. Yes and if you have an appreciation for Art, music 🎶 etc play, paint on.. 🎨  

Life moves forward and we have to keep moving faces our challenges and heartaches along the way. Always remembering that life is a gift. 

Vanilla Sky
South Africa