Personal growth


Children, mainly teens this day and age can be easily influenced by negative things and fall into traps. I understand the new difficulties children and teens like me have to face at such a young age like drugs, sexual assault, and even suicide. 

But I'm also aware of the opportunities my generation can use to reach out to and help people going through these things. Most people think of social media as a distraction or a brain washer that makes us lazy, but I think otherwise. Voices of Youth is a part of social media, is it not? I believe people of this day and age can use social media to make a positive difference. I'm not saying that this generation only contributes to bad media, but we can do more to empower others and lift them up to live the life they deserve!

Using social media positively can benefit both you and whoever you decide to be there for. You can make connections with good people and you might just be rewarded for it in the end, materialistically and with a happy self-conscious. It will help you and others in raising awareness to your identity, developing talents, facilitate employability, enhance the quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

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