I might be standing on a plot of land with a few trees and it seemingly wouldn't look like a very photogenic place, but as soon as I look down and focus on one single strand of grass, it yields an entirely different picture. By going close to one of the stalks of grass and focusing on its purple seeds dripping and slightly bent with fresh rain droplets, I now have a totally new photograph of the same exact scene. One perspective shift results in an entirely different picture, yet the subject in both the pictures would be the same.

Let us consider a situation where I am locked inside my house, where the keys are with my parents and they have gone out somewhere. Generally, I am not locked in, but today, unfortunately, this has happened. Apparently, it starts raining. Now I am left with two choices. One, I stay inside, which I have to, and complain about not being able to walk out of the house. Or two, look out of the window, enjoy the rain (I love rain haha) and fragrance of the soil (which is the loml) and admire the sky. That peering outside the window is what changes your perspective. 

Perspective is a super power. You need not be able to carry a 1000 kilograms, and still be a super person by looking at things differently. I'm not really a "Harry Potter" person, yet I am intrigued by the Dumbledore quote, "Happiness can be found even in the darkest times, only if one remembers to turn on the light".

You may be just casually making fun of that over-weight girl right there, but shift your perspective.


Think what it feels like in her shoes. Because of peoples taunts, she unjustly feels ashamed of her body. Ashamed of eating. And ashamed of being herself.

Maybe, that rose bush isn't full of thorns, the thorny bush has roses.

Maybe, you won't be able to change the cards you deal with, but you can always change how you play the hand.

Maybe, you're just pushing the door you're supposed to pull.