Image describes a boy, looking into the future, and not what is in front of him.

Close your eyes and keep yourself in the dark. Open your eyes and bring yourself to the light. In both scenarios you see, but it's all phantom,

 For all that is real and is not!

What is good and what is not!

What has gone and what has not!

Is all an illusion of your own deception.

For what is certain is that the sun and moon will take turns,

and if the stars turns up, if it rains, if it snows, then it's a blessing.


So as I listen to the violinist, I listen to what have been played and wait for what is to be played not what is being played.

For the past is a second behind and the future a second ahead while the present is a second that do not exist. It is phantom


So if I have the past to tell and the future to expect, but the present has nothing for me. Just an empty box rapped in colorful sheet. And while I do what I think is right at the moment,

Rather, while I try to find the very second in the present...

"Que Sera Sera!"

For the only perfect moment is the present second I know not of. It is perfect because it is phantom