Please don't kill our future.


It's raining in summer, hot sun in the middle of monsoon. Why? Why is all this happening? Don't blame the nature, we humans did this to them.I am putting up this on the world environment day, when i'm not sure if there is a proper environment.  I am an Indian and in India the temperature is rising every year. Every year it's breaking the records. If it was 30°C last year it's 33°C this year. The climate is changing, its being unpredictable. It was all predictable and safe when the exploiting monsters were calm. Industries, vehicles, burning fossils everything done for present is destroying the future. 

All across the world young minds are protesting and fighting to stop climate changing, you know why, Because we are scared, we are scared and concerned about our future. We are scared that will we even have a world to live. It's our right to have a good environment, it our right to have a good climate. It's our right to have breathable air, drinkable water. It's still not too late to stop.

What can you do?

We are blessed and lucky to live in an era where all the resources we need are in our fingertips, so let's make those useful. Research and find the causes and be not part of the cause and then plan a solution. Educate and talk about the issues to your parents and family. Every country and every place might have different causes and issues. but wherever it is, if we young people stay together and fight for a better future for us, we will find victory. 

 If not us the young people who else will fight for our future. Our fight is not with the nature, our fight is with the monsters who is exploiting our nature. When you are destroying the nature, it's not only the nature that's getting destroyed but also a bright and fresh future of millions of young people.