The plight of students during COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria

Pupil in Goni kachallari primary school of Borno state.

The Covid-19 pandemic is no doubt a dangerous and deadly disease that ravages the world and humanity in general. It has shut down many activities including economies and businesses around the world, tourism, education and many others. This has forced many countries to resort to online media to conduct businesses, especially learning and important government meetings. Many countries around the world have adopted e-learning or virtual learning programs to facilitate the process of learning among their populations so as not to hinder the learning process which is a very vital and critical aspect of social and economic settings anywhere around the world.

But sadly, the reverse is the case in Nigeria. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started and the country was locked down, students both at primary and tertiary levels have been stranded without any effort to adopt the e-learning or virtual learning systems, nor has there been an effort from the government to reopen schools anytime soon. This is against the backdrop of government functionaries attending funerals in mass number, people attending mosques, going to markets and other gatherings as if Covid-19 pandemic has never happened.

The decision of the government to halt learning in the country has a very immense negative impact on students, the nation's security and economy alike. It's also a major setback on the performance of the students and their morale. It's high time the government of Nigeria reconsider its decision of closing schools.