A Poem About War

Bomb Explosion



Conflict. Suffering. Misery. Despair. 

What did we do for this sorrow that we bare?

Humanity fighting and roads ablaze,

People in their homes, counting the days.

Families torn apart, thrown into dejection,

Everyone lost with no direction.


Souls filled with heavy melancholy,

As poverty and starvation struck

 wishing it could not be more folly

And realizing that this was all rotten luck


They knew this would cause genocide,

Watching greif, as people died,

Forced to flee from their home,

To find peace, faraway they roam

Guns firing, bombs bursting,

Freedom and refuge, was what they all were thirsting.


Some’s eyes blinded, by the desire for revenge

Some hearts torn, and seek to avenge

What was common in others, was only hope

Even though, life felt shuffled, like in a kaleidoscope


They deserve better,

They deserve peace

United States of America