The Power Of Redemption

Globe is hands

Redemption. The cure to all wrongdoings, the way to erase past mistakes while holding onto all we have learned from them. Forgiveness. Is such a thing even possible, or have we reached a point of no return. Hope. For our future, we will live in a better world, but only if we choose to. Determination. The ability to make change, and work tirelessly until we live in a world which we are proud of. Success. A mere illusion or dream of glory, of what could be. Reality. Reality is whatever we want it to be. 

When did we stop dreaming the brightest of dreams that allowed us to live in a world with endless potential?

Whenever this moment was, was a tragic moment in our history, the history of our world. It was the moment where we decided to passively allow tragedies to continue occurring. We allowed perpetrators of violence to continue acting in such horrible manners. And now... why write another seemingly sad article that seems to be all the news is covering nowadays? Simple, I am writing this to tell you, it is not too late… yet.

Today we can be forgiven, our world will forgive us. However, in order for such a thing to occur, we must simultaneously reach a hand of help and our world will grasp it as tight as she can, hoping just as much as we are that things will be different. If this occurs, I know things will be different.

One we actively reach out to help, our lives and the lives of those after us will be forever altered for the better. It would be easy to observe as poverty levels were on the decline consistency as we did nothing about it, we would be happy to know less people are starving to death, yet there is no logic behind this. Issues that plague our society do not and will not ever solve themselves, they require direct actions through multiple means to be solved. If there are no obstructions in the way of violence, violence will endure, and troubles will persist, destroying our world with time. 

    What needs to occur is quite simple. This being a reality check. The events which occur on a regular basis and have merely become normality must be emphasised and noted as an urgent crisis. It is devastating to live in a world where which it is more unique that a mass shooting did not occur on a single day than when one did. Sympathising with victims alone will not allow for a different outcome the next time a predator decides to take action. I want a new outcome. We need a new outcome. If this repetition of terror and tragedy has taught us anything, it must be that we are allowing this to happen by not taking substantial amounts of action, and we can not continue to do this any longer. 

    Being passive is not the answer to the most prevalent and aggressive actions within our society. We must face these issues peacefully, yet with the same strength they come at us with. Together, we can gain this strength that is absolutely vital when aiming to save our world. Together we can change our world so that tragedy does not play the such a significant role within our society. And together we will be able to live in a better place.

    Change must occur now, before the consequences of poor actions that human-kind have caused become irreversible. We will be able to reach a point of success once our world has acknowledged our determination and finally forgiven us for the terrible actions of that past that we have allowed to occur.

We can redeemed ourselves, as humans are not terrible creatures, rather humans are powerful. This power can be a blessing or a curse, it is whatever we make of it. We must convert the fear which this power has caused into it’s form of a blessing where we all thrive. Our potential as humans in unlimited— your potential as an individual is unlimited. Together the power of redemption will change our world for the better.

United States of America