The Power of Small Things

Sunset at the canal which we cleaned up.

The power of small things is a remarkable one. Recently, I went to pick up litter at my local canal with my family, and although this was a small action it made a huge difference not only to us but to those in our community. Doing small things still shows initiative and compassion. Doing small things is the right thing to do, because no one is too small to make a difference. With that being said, we spent hours picking cans and bottles so they wouldn’t go into the canal and harm the ducks, swans and marine life. Small things show an element of selflessness, and selfless actions will always inspire others to carry out their own small deeds in their community. As we were picking up the litter, two swans in the canal followed us, as if to say thank you for protecting us. It seemed like a message from nature itself. Doing small things is a step in the right direction and a catalyst for change. It gives a gratifying feeling of fulfilment that can last a lifetime. Why not be one of the few who did something? The following week, as we were walking alongside the canal as usual, we noticed our local council had gotten rid of the rest of the rubbish we could not clean, proving that our actions helped our community to move forward. Many people passing by stopped to watch or say thank you, showing that small deeds unite people in communities and make people feel part of something greater than themselves.  Although this is a small thing that does not mean it is insignificant. If everyone does one small thing for their own community, imagine how much better the world would be.  

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