The power of words

The Power of Words
Words are more than just symbols

Can you imagine a world without words?

It would be chaos.

Many times we take them for granted, just as a way of communicating what we want or need. And they actually do that, but at the same time they do something bigger.

Words are powerful. Whether you write or speak them, they do have an impact on you and the others. They express feelings and share knowledge. They can change someones mood completely and ignite a spark in them.

That´s why writing is an extraordinary experience. It´s not just jotting down symbols that form words, it’s a way of expressing what you feel or think. Hence why you should really think before speaking. Once the words are out, they never come back. If you want to expand motivation and peace, your words should reflect that, they should be positive. Otherwise, you would be doing the exact opposite.

Everyone should try writing at least once. It doesn´t matter the topic, or if you want to share it with others, but you should just sit down and take all those thoughts out your head. In that way, you´ll have less going on in your mind and they will probably make more sense to you once you see them.

If you want to test how powerful words are, try for a week saying positive phrases to yourself in front of the mirror, and you´ll soon see a change in your mood and the way you act.