blurred people

Preoccupied with our futures

Preoccupied with the idea of doing “something”

Preoccupied with the fear of doing nothing


Preoccupied with absolutely nothing but thoughts. Thoughts that have proven to be quite deceitful. Thoughts that have made life seem so busy in the midst of virtually nothing. Stressing over the future, in a world where there is consequently no present. No time to live, to do as we please, not solely because we have work to do, but rather because of the stress children are under. Stress from the hope of doing something, being someone. Stress that is diminishing one’s ability to do such a thing.

Our minds are our own biggest impediment. For no one is truly stopping you from working, from competing, from acting however you please. If you allow your mind to let you act however you please, all other obstacles are insignificant. 

Our thoughts are imperative to our success however, it’s our thoughts that are causing us to fail, or feel as we have done so. Power comes from control, control of such thoughts, then comes control of our actions. You have not failed until you convince yourself that you have done such a thing. We must not declare we have failed before we have even attempted to take action. We must not let our minds tell us we have failed or deceiving us into believing so. Our thoughts can't overpower our souls nor our desires.

Getting caught up in striving to achieve not only something, but everything is so common nowadays. Children are looked at in comparison to those of fame, to those with prevalent, early “successes”. Comparisons of such are not only unhealthy for a multitude of reasons, but they trigger a feeling of defeat. We must not focus on doing everything, rather we must focus on doing as we please. If you do so, you will never fail, you will not experience a feeling of final defeat. There is no such thing as a final defeat, it is in our heads, merely an illusion that is pushed upon us as a result of societies evolution, societies standards. 

We look at a picture too large. We look at our lives as a whole, as it is something that should be evaluated on a scale to determine its value. This is an incorrect way of going about things, life is too significant with too great of a value to be measured simply by a scale or a single comparison. It’s not the big picture, it is millions of small ones. Thousands upon thousands of days, each their own story, picture, journey. Each day not measured in comparison, but rather on the quality of life, the ability to live, flourish and act as one pleases. 

One’s accomplishments are always of importance and greatly valued, but one can't live solely to accomplish more than the person next to them. Life is not one big competition, but rather a story where each individual differs immensely. We can’t live only to compete with others, we need to live for ourselves.

One who seeks to achieve happiness from physical objects and a list of accomplishments is one who will never find such a thing permanently. A person with such a mindset will always want more, that is the desire that will essentially hurt this person. While many may admire such a person and their accomplishments, they still will not feel content. For they will be eternally preoccupied with thoughts. Thoughts of doing something and living in fear of doing nothing. 

As cliche as it may sound, live life in the present. Do as you please, seek happiness in moments of joy, rather than in resumes and objects. Strive to achieve a happier present, for in a world where we are forever searching for a happier “tomorrow”, happiness will always be that far away.

There is no such thing as a final defeat, it is in our heads, merely an illusion that is pushed upon us as a result of societies evolution, societies standards. 
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