Purest Part of Human

Heart shape glows in the dark

"Experience is The Best Teacher" 

It was in the 3rd grade when i first knew that quote above. I was questioning, who's the teacher named experience? How does he look like?. What could an 8-years-old-girl possibly think about the hidden message of this famous quote. 

10 years passed. Now im 18 and of course i have figured out what "Experience Is The Best Teacher" exactly means. My mind said that experience is just like a history. In my first day in the history class, my teacher told me that history is important for the present and a better future. Everything that we experienced personally or what we recognize and learn from someone's experience, both can be a guidance for our life. Experience is telling us what we should and shouldn't do next, whatever it is.

It sounds that simple, right?. But it term of implementation, it really isn't. As a human being, our mind knows what's wrong and what's right. Before the experience tells us, our mind already knew what's good and what's not. Because that's exactly how our mind works, which is controlling ourself.

But why we keep making mistake when our mind work that way? Why we keep making mistake if we do have experiences?. 

That's the problem that i've been dealing with todays. Or maybe i'll be dealing with it for the rest of my life. 

One thing i notice, and it's quite important. It's about heart. Why? Basically heart is the purest thing that living within ourself. Sometime experiences and the way our mind works, they can shut the voice of our heart. 

So if we feel like we keep on making the same mistakes, maybe there's something not good happen inside our heart.

"Find your purest heart, control your thought and learn from the experiences to live the best life".