A Man's Purpose

Every living soul born to this earth must serve a purpose. Big or small. 

What is purpose...

How should we find it, ours...

When we serve a big purpose, it seems easy for us to identify it. We will come out to the surface of the water, visible and identifiable.

However, what if we serve a small purpose...

We will not come out to the surface of the water, we will might as well be submerged, there will be no momentum to soar high. Invisible and unidentifiable. 

It is only our existence. Our existence that will touch others'. How would it make a purpose, we might think.

It is our existence eventually. As long as we live, there is always a purpose attached to us. 

Maybe at the end of the day, it is not about portion, it is not about quantity. Maybe it is about what we can give and how it would affect and change others.

It is like the theory of Ripple Effect. After a stone thrown in the water, it will create a small ripple at first, but the ripple will grow in size and significance nevertheless. 

We will touch others' existence, others' lives. We will transmit a tremendous wave of energy.

We might feel small and invisible, we might feel that the purpose of our lives is trivial and unidentifiable. But as long as it affects others in a good way, it is okay. Is that okay?

We have done our part and shall continue to do so. We shall leave our discouragement behind and forsake our doubts. At the and of the day, no matter how small it is, it will make a change, a very great change.

We matter. Our purpose, big or small, matters.