The Raging Storm


Look at the sky,
Isn't it so beautiful.
Full of stars and light it glamours,
Millions of constellations it pampers.

Tons of thoughts start filling up your head,
When you finally get tired and lie on your bed.
Under the vast galaxies of the the beautiful sky,
You learn to respond to the earth's cry.

The earth which was once as pretty as flowers,
Now looks like a shabby monster full of scars.
The pollution is increasing day by day,
All the UN reports say.

The pollution in the cities and roads ,
Is killing millions of animals and toads.
Disease scale is getting out of control,
And the need of the hour is to respond to this call.

Global warming is increasing every year,
Trying to scare people with fear.
The ozone depletion is nothing new,
Coz the UV rays can easily enter the hue.

The death rate is increasing every day,
There are hardly any beds in the hospital to lay.
The amazon forest gets burnt every year,
Depleting the levels of oxygen near.

Natural disasters are clearing their way,
Wiping out all the world's clay.
Volcanoes are erupting suddenly around,
Spreading lava in the place all around.

A storm is raging and will arrive soon,
Destroying all lifestock,
Infrastructure and nature's tune.
So give it a thought how can we protect this world,
And make it back the once which was worth.