Reimagine And COVID-19

Two Gears Turning

These are unprecedented times that we are going through. But we are nearing the phase where the term "reopen" is being tossed around everywhere. The truth is that we need to realize that we are not going back to the way things used to be.

We will have a "new" old way, I believe that there will be a lot of innovation made in a short period of time while we go through this process. One key lesson we need to learn through these times are the ideas that will help prevent something like these from happening again. A lot of  infectious diseases (like COVID-19) are "zoonotic" which means that they transfer from animals to humans. To quote US host Bill Maher: 

“That’s the lesson that we keep refusing to learn,” he continued. “That you can’t trash the environment—including animals—and not have it come back and kill you.”

We are told to stay at least 6ft apart, and to stay clean. This is at the same time that we have animals that forced next to each other, in very unclean places. We need to find a better way of raising livestock while still being able to reach demands.

"'Eighty percent of pigs have pneumonia when they’re slaughtered' due to the conditions they live in". -Bill Maher.

So in the end we need to reflect on these times to reimagine medicine, the handling of infectious diseases, agriculture, and some aspects of everyday life that we can improve to keep each other safe and healthy. All of this at the same time as working together to grow as world.