Reimagine the World

A Girl in the rainbow and flowery background

I was invited to reimagine and draw the world I want to live in after COVID-19 as part of our World Children's Day #voicesofyouth challenge.

This illustration that I draw is what I want the world to be and as they gave us some things to reimagine 

• Reimagine a greener and more sustainable world  

• Reimagine the future of wellbeing and mental health 

• Reimagine the future of education and work  

• Reimagine a future without discrimination  

• Other children’s rights or development issues that are important to me 

I hope this illustration of mine inspires you all especially the youth nowadays.

The girl 👧 without eyes represents the rights of the children, they were unable to see their future because of the abusive world that stoping them to see their self and identity. Some of them are struggling in anxiety, stress, pressure and depression. 

The rainbow 🌈 represents the future without discrimination and letting all the children shine on their talents and show their self without discrimination.

And flowers and leaves that surrounded the girl is what the nature we have today. We can’t stop the flowers to flourish but what we need is a human being that have discipline, love and care for the nature to brighten up the world 🌎  


Visual arts