Reparations for the emancipated kings and queens

profile of a black woman (black and white image)

Generations of races,  

That went through lines of changes,  

to bring riches to the blameless.  

The people call it reparation,  

but they get paid for suffering,  

don’t they know our pain? 

Why doesn’t my race get paid? 

We barely even get paid the same.  

The folks who set the bar,  

Left us to build it.  

This country still isn't stable, 

Because we’re still building.  


African Americans, so-called “Blacks”,  

in the line of payment, we’re always last. 

Does the government even react that fast? 

Considering some obvious and certain facts, 

history’s important events have led us on this track.  

The Japanese-Americans in the billions. 

The Holocaust Survivors in the millions, 

left to compensate still, the Caribbean. 

To receive profit, we might have to hold auditions. 


                                                                                   -Faith-Ann Bonner-Lewis

Being black, I'm involved in the reparations movement. It's focused toward the African-American audience. We could begin to heal. -Cassandra Wilson
United States of America