Respect young people

Respect young people

Yesterday, one of my Bengali literature teachers said something that left a mark in my heart, and I couldn’t agree more.

He said that adults choose the safe side, when young people want the justice.

I will add some more to his statement. Adults don’t want to take risks, but young people aren’t afraid to take risks and they want to experiment. That's why young people find ways in times when adults don’t.

Young people lack maturity and sometimes judgement. Adults must guide them and teach them. They need to correct their mistakes. Young people need their supervision.

But, adults try to control and dominate instead of teaching and supervising. That’s where the problem begins. Adults think that they are always right, and we are always in the wrong way. They want us to follow them and consent without rebelling. They don’t want to listen to us.


Because they don’t respect us and our opinions.

Society says that we must respect adults. But, why does no one say that adults must respect young people too?

As they try to dominate, the young people rebel and end up disobeying everything the adults say. If you look deeply, it isn’t young people’s fault that they are like that. It’s the fault of adults.

We want adults to treat us as persons.

We want them to listen to us.

We want equality.

We want to be respected.

We want to be understood.

We need adults’ guidance, but we never want to be a doll in their hands.

We have our own opinions to share, we have our own way of life.

Adults demand from us to respect them, then why we can’t expect some respect from them?