Resume Game?

Pink neon coloured video game controller on purple background

Now as the world has come to a halt, many people think about what could keep them occupied. Some are lucky as they can work from home, in an outdoor space, or even at 6 feet apart. It has transpired that productivity in learning new things has dropped to an all-time low. It is almost as if we're playing a video game, stuck on a level. We choose to take a break from it and hit pause. A menu pops up and asks you to; 'Resume Game'.

Now this is the tricky part, is it best to keep going to a level that seems complicated and tedious? There might be a small chance that if you pass this level, something might be more exciting in the next. Or there could be a powerful final boss fight that may cause some players to 'rage quit'.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has proven to be the final boss in our reality. As it continues to spread all over the world, young people struggle to find the motivation to do something. To do 'something' can be any size no matter how small. During this 'Paused' game of our lives is the best time to find what interests us and inspires us. This is the time to do things that you may not have had the time to complete before.

As young people, we can spark change. Our voices together can impact change. No matter what you choose to do, find something that you want to see in your ideal world. That way when you hit Resume Game, you are better than ever to finish it.