Return to love

Reaching out hand

I believe in love.

We are told to be selfless, we are told that we should be there for each other, help and care for them.

It’s possible with love. When we love someone, we can be selfless without making any effort to do so. We can genuinely care for someone only if we love them. We become selfish and self-centred when love is absent.

A mother risks her entire life when giving birth to her child. Why does she do that? She does because she loves her unborn child. She loves her child even when it isn’t born. Parents raise their child with unconditional love.

We are told to accept each other with our flaws and differences. It’s only possible with love. When we fall in love with someone, we can accept them with all their faults without making much effort and love them for who they are.

We are told not to compare ourselves with others. When we love ourselves, our lives change. We can see everything beautiful in ourselves and others too. The only way to stop comparing ourselves with others is to love ourselves.

Love is the glue that sticks us together. Each of us have problems, faults, we fight with each other, have misunderstandings. But at the end of the day, we still come back to each other.

Why? Because of love.

These days, sometimes I feel like the world is becoming colder. People I loved are slowly drifting away. A large number of people I have met recently lack warmth.

Why? Because of the absence of love.

In such a cold world, I still have a safe place. My family.

They are my safe place because they always love me unconditionally.

In school and college, most of my friends are unlike me. They are so different than me. But they are my friends.

Why? Because they love me and I love them.

My favourite writer Muhammod Zafar Iqbal said a quote in one of his books, I can’t exactly translate it but I will try to tell you in my own way – The progress of human civilization can’t be measured on knowledge, science, literature or arts. The base of human civilization is the love for one another.

I believe it. Currently, human civilization is focusing more on success, materialism, technology and development, but they are forgetting about love. That's why the world is being colder. Children and teens are being bullied. Young people are suffering from depression. From high schoolers to elder people, a large number of people are suffering from chronic loneliness.

Why? Because they can’t find love.

Please, let’s return to love. We need to.

love each other