Rights of Every Child

Child Rights

Every child deserve to be happy healthy and safe..

I reimagine a better future for every child...
Where every child (anywhere around the world regardless of caste, gender, nationality, disability or any other status) can know their rights and can enjoy/excercise them...
Where every child has the same rights to develop their potential in all situations and at all times.
Through this illustration I have shown some basic child rights which are very important for proper growth and development of every child.
"Right for children
Rights for Future"
Some of the child rights I have shown are :-

✅Right to live Happily and Peacefully 
✅Right to Education
✅Right to Nutrition (Good and Healthy Food)
✅Right to Breast Feeding 
✅Right to Play
✅Right to Vaccination 
✅Right to do other things (dancing, playing,  painting etc)

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