Salam: A Global Citizen and a Motivated Supporter

Salam Al-Nukta picture

My name is Salam and I am from Syria. Probably not many know where Syria is on the map. However, my aim is not to further explain you the geographical location of my country. My aim is to let those who never heard the word “Syria”, as well as those who heard it already, know how Syrian youth can be a great added value no matter where they are.

The exact translation of my name in English is “Peace”. I start to realize how lucky I am to have such a powerful name, especially at a time when the meaning itself is lost in a big dark sea filled with war and inequity.

When I turned 18, crises hit. And what would an 18-year-old girl want? Everything collapsed within a moment, when I started hearing, watching and following the news. One night, this question came back to me, I remembered the power, the silent voices, the calls, and the dream. Now I know what an 18-year-old Syrian girl wants.

I’m not your typical Syrian girl. Neither I am the typical Arab girl. But I am a global citizen who is committed to raising the voices of other women, children and the poor, aspiring for them to be empowered through education.

Today, I’m a young lady who will be turning 22. A young lady who grew up and nourished the characteristics of a youthful believer and a motivated inspirational supporter.

I am driven by a passion to make the world a better place - a place where my kids and all children can have a safe and peaceful environment to live.

Syrian Arab Republic