Same Human Rights to Children!

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There is the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, UNCRC, to protect children's human rights. The Convention, which consists of 54 provisions, covers the actual rights of children in articles 1 to 40 and broadly defines all rights of children under the age of 18. A country that has promised to abide by the agreement is obliged to protect children's rights.

Right to Survival :  The right to a proper standard of living, to live in a safe dwelling, to get enough nutrition and to get basic health care, etc.

Right to Protection : The right to be protected from harm to children, from all forms of abuse, neglect, discrimination, violence, torture, conscription, unfair criminal punishment, excessive labor, drugs and sexual violence.

Right to Development : The right needed to maximize the potential. Right to education, right to enjoy leisure. the right to live and obtain information, the right to freedom of thought and conscience and religion

Right to Participation : The right to comment and respect about things that affect one's life. Freedom of expression, freedom of conscience and religion. the right to hold meetings in a peaceful manner; the right to privacy; the right to obtain useful information.

Children should not be restricted by rights because they are children. Adults should first realize that children are a self-righteous persona. They need protection and care, not coercion and oppression. Under no circumstances should a parent be owned or treated as controllable. Child violence, exploitation and abuse mostly stem from a mistaken concept of ownership that adults can control their children at will.

Children have the same human rights as adults.

The right to a happy and safe world, the right of our children to enjoy. And it's the essential right of adults to create that world.

Unicef Children in Cambodia | UNICEF Cambodia
Children in Cambodia | UNICEF Cambodia

150 million children between the ages of 5 and 14 are forced to work.

160 million children suffer from malnutrition each year.

69 million children lose their lives due to poverty and disease.

12 million children are trafficked,

The number of juvenile soldiers in the war zone is 2.5 million.

- Investigation by the Korean Committee of UNICEF -

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