A San Belief

Roy Sesana

“We are the ancestors of our grandchildren’s children. We look after them, just as our ancestors look after us. We aren’t here for ourselves. We are here for each other and for the children of our grandchildren.”

- Profound words by a San elder, Roy Sesana

The hunter-gatherer San are among the oldest cultures on Mother Earth, and are thought to be descended from the first inhabitants of Southern Africa. The San were traditionally semi-nomadic, moving seasonally within certain regions based on the availability of water, game, and edible shrubbery. 

The San culture and beliefs are simple yet rich with teachings to live a happy and content life.

Roy Sesana
San Elder who is a Human Rights Activist

“We are not primitive. We live differently to you, but we do not live exactly like our grandparents did, nor do you. Were your ancestors 'primitive'? I don't think so. We respect our ancestors. We love our children. This is the same for all people.”

- Roy Sesana

South Africa