Save mankind from hell

The UN

It’s not my cup of tea to dramatize. I might be an opera singer, but I don’t like to dramatize in real life. Actually we should keep our feet on the ground, our heads up high and act with courage and determination to what we think is important.

The Sustainable Development Goals

Over the past years I am fascinated by the work the United Nations does. Yes, I know, I hear you thinking “but the UN is as well a very expensive, bureaucratic system, what do they actually do?” Well, let me tell you this: the UN are saving mankind from hell. In conflict situations of war, poverty and hunger. But it goes beyond that. It’s not all about the blue helmet and people doing their interventions.

It’s about all 193 nations that are united and work together to create a better and even more human world. I think we all know about the UN interventions during war, in conflict situations or when there is a country with people starving for a proper meal. But the UN goes beyond that: it’s about climate, it’s about innovation, digitalization, it’s about improving health and healthcare systems, it’s about human rights, equal right for women, children, and much more.  

I personally put my efforts and talents in the UN to support the mission of better education and more child well-being in the world. Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world as Mandela once said and in my conviction we can do a lot to give children and youngsters the opportunity to start believing in themselves and that their circumstances will never attack their real greatness. This group of young people needs a stage, to tell their stories, to become good lawyers, advocates, doctors or whatever they are or want to be.

Beyond educational basics

It goes beyond the basics in education. This is about life and what life means to all of us. Even if you are born in the slums or when you stay in a township with your 12 siblings, not having clean water to wash or the opportunity to go to school. And then still… you have your life. And it’s the UN’s task and even mine as a supporter of the Sustainable Development Goal on Education to make that change possible.

More than ever I think that the power of soft skills and the right leadership is needed to make this game changing shift possible. We have to make our governments and our people aware of what is really needed to improve and change. In climate we see that finally we are getting our foot between the door. Let education be the next step. Let’s unite in an education movement where the core principals of leadership, courage, resilience, vulnerability and dialogue are key towards a better future.

Devotion and calling

We need people who are devoted. Who are keen and willing to do a better job for all of them who need it. Count me in to make the change and I ask you to join me. Let’s create programs together, let’s discuss and focus on what we, youngsters, can do to save mankind from hell and unite the people to align every youngster to their purpose, no matter where they come from.

Just fail from time to time

Final thing: failure. Don’t be afraid to fail. We all have to figure out how things work and what we can do. But if beforehand we think we are going to fail, failure it will be. But I believe that we can do the unexpected, the unbelievable, if we work with the ‘Blue Flag’ and work together to make the difference to mankind. Just approach it with one step at the time. And without failure, we don’t learn, we don’t grow. So please, follow the journey, with failure included.

Change is coming. Please become part of it.