In search of Soul

Green mountain with a rainbow in the blue sky

                   In search of Soul

"I was staring at those eyes continuously

The person standing in the mirror was in grief

Those eyes were dark and looking seriously

And I started imagining my life in brief

Running through the thorns Oh! I was lost

Life is a maze and I keep wandering

Following your lead and no one to trust

Am I living this right? I kept wondering

Now You’re here smirking through the Mirror

I paced through lies, Are you really what I want?

Is this my salvation or the beginning of a terror?

You’re asking me who I am? Is it a Taunt?

I crafted you out of me and don’t know why!

I’m losing my identity and want to cry

Why loving someone else is easier than loving our self?

Why has someone else’s dream trapped me always?

Is it important to be someone huge and famous?

We deserve a life without dreams in many ways

You came a long way running so don’t be curious

While looking at you I’ll erase you and rewrite myself

Losing your path is the only way to find that truth

I love who I am and no more want to be you

I finally realize what I was going through!

You seem a lie but your eyes seem true."