Seeking help is okay!

Black background where it is written “Help!” with white ink.

"I don’t want to feel this way... I really don’t want to..." she replied with tired voice."I don’t want to feel anxious,I don’t want to feel this long chain of helplessness and hopelessness...” she added. "I don’t want to trouble you with my unnecessary explanations and worries. I don’t like being clingy. I ask help just because I haven’t been able to help myself, just because I don’t want to feel this horrible all the time, just because I want to end this and trouble you all anymore. But in response all I get is not to overthink and be strong. Well... if I could then I would have never asked for help. I would have never cried in front of you.”

“It’s not that I never try. I try,I try everyday. Trust me! I don’t enjoy overthinking. I don’t enjoy all those series of panic attacks at night. Nobody likes showing their weaknesses, I too don’t like. I was not always this way from the beginning. Past events and traumas had pushed me into that darkness, which we call depression and it took a long period to come out of it. I fear that darkness, I fear that suffocation, believe me nothing feels good there. I don’t want to go there’s again.., I don’t want to...” and then she paused.

There are many people who feel the same as ‘her’. It doesn’t matter if some feel more or less, it’s equally painful and horrible. Everyone deals with some sort of stress in their day to day lives, but not everybody can handle it smoothly. If you can handle then that’s great and appreciable, but that doesn’t mean the person sitting next to you can also handle in the same way. It’s okay if he comes up to you and seek help. Seeking help is not the sign of weakness. That person needs your love and support, not your judgement and banishment.