Self Love

Love yourself sign surrounded by roses on one side.

Love: One of the most amazing feelings in the world. We want to be loved by everyone. But have we ever thought about loving ourselves?

Self-love is one of the most important yet underrated factors for personal development. We, youngsters, have a very bad habit of expecting love from others be it friends, families or society. Getting loved by people is not a bad thing but the absence of self-love can never be replaced by people's love for you. People will never love you for being you. We have been born and brought up in such circumstances where people's opinion matters the most. We tend to fit into their shoe when it is not even necessary. 

Self-love requires you to spend time with yourself. Sometimes being alone can be healthier. Enjoy your own company, treat yourself to your favorite dish, go visit your favorite place. Enjoy watching movies alone. Having "me time" allows you to appreciate and love yourself. Be honest about your inner feelings. Accept who you are and how you look. One must have the courage to walk away from things that do not serve them well. Give priorities to yourself and remember prioritizing yourself over others is not being selfish.  

Self-love is the source of all the other love coming toward you. If you love yourself, people will love and appreciate you else you will end up questioning your self-worth.