Self love is the first step to take



I think the first rule of being a human, a woman, is to learn how to love yourself before expecting love from someone else. Learning about yourself on a deeper level enables others to also love you in that way. It's vital to learn how to love yourself so you know what's good for you and what's not. In order to avoid things or people that will harm you or make you feel insecure about yourself, YOU HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO LOVE YOURSELF. 

Learning to accept the way God created you, is the first step to loving yourself. Accepting your flaws and imperfections, learning to love yourself in bad days and hard times, at times when you don't feel beautiful enough. Love is the first step to healing yourself. Learning to appreciate yourself, value yourself, and support yourself. 

Knowing that you're special and able. Start adoring yourself now and take the first step into self-love. Be adoringly obsessed with yourself and cherish yourself, always. Even in times when you make mistakes and learn how to not be too hard on yourself, and just DO YOU. You don't have to change who you are. The world will have to adjust. 

Start that journey now! Start loving, appreciating, supporting and praying for yourself. 











South Africa