She is You: An Ode to all Women

A cardboard sign that says "Women of the world, this is just the beginning"
Women of the world, this is just the beginning!

She is a woman of faith and integrity, standing confident with her passion and ambitions. Grace and humility cling to her akin to her embracing scent, never failing to turn heads in silent awe.

She is her past and her future held by her body, where she remains poised in spite of the weight it carries. Her back holds the kindness and self-assures she uses to fuel her strength; she is utterly indestructible, a mounting holding our mother Earth’s ends. That ‘rose amongst the thorns’ has always been her – a beauty to behold, eyes fierce with a story to be told.

She is her curves and sharp features softly held hands revealing stories of courage in trying times. Her voice is a lasting melody, her words like hymns the world needs to hear. She is all the pieces and fragments she assembled herself – a warrior, a queen, a feared power to appear.

She is music in itself, endless lyrics of pain and joy and hope and survival. She is the heart that plants flowers in desolate terrains, the heart that battles the fight of all, the heart that allows laughter to play abundantly, as it welcomes the smiles of those around her lovingly. She is the heart that feels deeply, that gives freely, that loves fiercely.

She is ethereal and exquisite, silver and gold; the binding force of night and day, the loving force of tomorrow and today. The privilege of her presence, the prayers of despair, the person one would not be able to compare. She is the representation of all the strong women across all cardinals of our world, being the voice of those soon to be heard. She is the power we await, where we would finally see the change of great weight. She is you.

As women, we must stand up for ourselves. As women, we must stand up for each other. As women, we must stand up for justice for all.
- Michelle Obama