Shine, Dream, Smile

Shine, dream, smile. Let us light up the night.

Every year I set a new year plan for myself on the occasion of my birthday. Those plans are for self-improvement. I think about those plans earlier and I start working on them from my birthday. This year I couldn’t think anything as my new year plan. Then on the evening of my birthday, I was listening to a song. And there was a line, "Shine, dream, smile". That line hit my head and I took that line as my new year plan. I start working on it. 

In textbooks, we read this phrase often 'Shine in life'. Mostly it refers to the successful person. But shining can be in different ways. Shining means finding the limitless possibilities inside of us and expressing them. Shining means finding the light inside of us and letting it shine. Shining means doing things that we are good at. Shining means fighting with darkness. Shining doesn’t always stand for being successful. So I started my journey of finding myself and shining. As a part of it, I started writing and expressing myself through it. Besides writing blogs, I also write short stories. I have no readers but I write them for myself. I try to find opportunities for myself.

Dream. Many of us think of dreams as something similar to future career. But actually a dream is something you want to be. Or you want to have. It doesn't have to be your career. It can be simple. Just wanting to be a good or happy person can be a dream. Wanting to have a happy life can be your dream. When I was in school, I dreamt of being a good teacher. I still have that dream. That is one of my dreams but not my only dream. This year I asked myself again, "What's your dream?" I heard a different answer. I realized that I want to share my stories and thoughts with the world. I want my voice and stories to be heard. I want to comfort people by telling my stories. I didn’t know how to do it back then. BTS inspires me a lot about it. Then I came across Voices of Youth, and found a way to make my dream come true. If I can give a little source of comfort to anyone through my writing, if I can touch anyone’s heart, that's what I want. 

Smile - it may sound easy but the fact is for many person it's not. I also thought smiling is nothing special. Earlier I was a girl who had a smile on her face most of the time, or a cheerful look. But this year sometimes I went through something like depression. I can't smile like I used to do. Constant loneliness and pain snatched away my smile day by day. I know smiling can make everything alright. But sometimes I find it hard to smile. Even so, I try my best. Because smiling is a just like a medicine when you are depressed. Smile doesn’t mean just smile and laughter, but it can also stand for happiness. I try to do things that make me feel happy. I try to find happiness in my own way. That can be reading a nice book, listening to my favourite music, spending time with family and friends, looking at the sky, having some alone times, going down memory lane and so on. 

The next line of "Shine, dream, smile" is "Let us light up the night ". By shining, dreaming and smiling, you will be able to forget darkness and light it up by your sparkle.

So, come on. Let's light up the night.

Dream, hope, keep going