A Short-Lived Forever

A paper card with "Farewell" written in cursive handwriting

I wish I could steal your time, and sew it with mine.
I'm so foreign to you.
You're so foreign to me.
Still, only iff,
I could keep you at mine
I'm sure I'd feel cloud nine.

I wish I could steal your laughter, and place it with the moments I wish for to happen.
I know I'm just a passerby to your alley.
And you're just a moment my eyes captured for my heart to keep
In this never-ending road of mine,
Destined to I don't know what;
Which brings me nothing but restlessness.

And you kept my attention engaged for two sunsets straight and I felt peace.
Which is why I wish, I could steal some more time with you.
And every time they'd say it's time to depart,
I'd beg time to stop,
with the same eyes, that I met myself with you.

"Just one more moment, please?", I'd say.

A never-ending, last moment,
that I would have already asked for the hundredth time.