Silence is not an option

It is color blue. It represents that i stand against the violation of human rights and support the people in Sudan.

How would you feel if a gun was pointed at you for asking for a fair price for bread? How would you feel if you were forced to fight for the necessities that should be given to you as basic human rights in the first place? How would you feel if you were shot down by your own people? The answer to these questions is; we wouldn’t know how it feels. We would not know what it feels like to be in that situation and god forbid no one deserves to know the answers to these questions like our brothers and sisters in Sudan do. But why wouldn’t we know the answers to these questions? There were obviously many situations like these before. Well, we wouldn’t know the answer because in many situations where violence and brutality takes place, there are some people who at least have the freedom to speak for justice and fight for their rights. In the case of Sudan, people are not only killed for asking for a better future, but are also denied access to any kind of communication within or outside of the country such that no one can hear their painful cries and nor can give them a hand of help. This is nothing less than becoming a country where you are abandoned by the whole world.

Violence, torture, death, rape… How many more lives are we going to lose in this circus of politics? It is depressing how the Nile river used to be known for being the longest river in the world, but now, I realize that the Nile river is not just the longest river of the world anymore, it has become more than that, because in it, flows the blood of the innocent people, it is now also the river from which dead bodies are pulled out. River Nile carries the essence of gloom and death in it. If the facts about a river can change from something good to bad, then its high time we do something about it. It is unfair how citizens of Sudan are being mashed between the world of politics and fetish for power. They are being blocked from any kind of communication, they are being tortured, they are being starved, their hospitals, schools and universities are shut down, and then there is added torture by sexual assault, brutal violence, death (Tahir, 2019)… Sudan is facing violation of human rights in so many ways and as world citizens it becomes very important for us to be vocal about their tragedy and do our part for the sake of humanity. It is not a revolution only for Sudan. After losing such an unbearable amount of lives, it would be a shame if we give up. We need to understand that it is not just about the future of Sudan anymore as the outcomes will influence the future of the whole world. Sudan is being forgotten and they need our help. If you want to see change, please sign this petition.

  • Saarina Maheen






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