Silent Woes

One Race

Why do I have to remind you that my life matters?

Why do I have to defend my humanity?

Why do you think your life is worth more than mine?

Why do you have to treat me worse than an animal?

Why do you have to use a lot of effort to make me feel expendable?


Do I threaten you?

Does the color of my skin take away my humanity?

Does the dark skin scream I deserve to be treated with violence?

Is my voice when I cry “we are all equal” not loud enough?

Do I deserve to be treated like an underclass because of my skin color?


It has been centuries

Each passing day, we teach the young generation to see color

I wonder if God had the same thought when he created the great human race

We have divided the one great race to be black, brown, yellow, white…

And that’s where we went wrong.

There is no rewind button, but I will be happy when you see beyond my skin color