So much more than this

We are women we can do it

Everyday many girls and women struggle with the thought of not being good enough. The standards that society holds up for us are so unrealistic and extremely damaging. 

The battle of body image starts very early on and it seems to be never ending. 

We need to change this. For our own sanity. For the generations to come. We need to learn to be more accepting of ourselves and more aware of what is beyond the skin.



Don't you worry about how your bones are structured 

and where your flesh sits

or how your skin is textured 

because you are so much more than this.


Let your spirit free, explore yourself in and out 

be curious, be wild, get to know what you are all about.


The fabric sitting on you doesn't determine your worth 

learn this by heart and understand it's all about 

your soul and your words.


It's not about the shoes, the rings, the colour of your hair

know this and accept it, you are amazing

you are rare.


In fact you are the only one who is exactly like you 

you don't have to drown yourself in the blacks and blues.


So don't you ever worry about how your bones are structured 

or where your flesh sits

because darling 

you are so much more than this.


- Hitakshi Sharma